About Us

HUMANITY AGENCY LTD is a specialised health care agency based in Warwickshire, delivering excellent home care services to all across the UK, for adults of all ages and people with disabilities and mental health problems not detained in the Mental Health Act 9.

Company Background


We are a healthcare agency based in Warwickshire, providing home care services across the UK. Our staff is qualified and offer professional services.Their professional qualifications will be available on request.The staff allocated to support the service user will be chosen fom our pool in order to match their skills with the service user's needs, and to minimise travelling distances in order to support good time attendance.In addition to the direct support staff the registered manager works 40 hours per week most of which should be in addition to the levels displayed.


In certain circumstances the manager may be included within staffing levels described.Staffing levels may be changed at the discretion of the manager if there are special needs.Care staff, work on a Rota system which ensures that the service is staffed by the appropriate number and skill mix, including weekends and public holidays. New employees are inducted to National Training Organisation standards within 12 weeks of employment. We manage and train our employees with the aim that all our carers achieve NVQ level 2.All other employees receive the training appropriate for their work, for example Food Catering for catering staff. All our employees receive annual training in health and safety matters such as moving and handling, fire awareness and procedures, adult protection and a range of other matters.

“As a company we exclusively believe that complaints and compliments are a valuable indicator of the quality of our service,and an opportunity to improve that quality.”

Co Founder

HUMAN AGENCY LTD aims to provide high quality personalised services with an outcome-based approach where service users have real choice and controls.We also provide good quality support chosen by service user regardless of gender, race, age or religion.We deliver services with staff suitably trained and assesed as competent to carry out their duties.

HUMAN AGENCY LTD ensure that all staff deliver services to the standards laid out by Hope Health Kare and its regulatory bodies(e.g. CQC).We ensure that the support is provided based on a thorough agreed assessment of everyone's flexible perceived goals and outcomes.We work in partnership with service user's families and other members of the multidisciplinary health professional team .